What options do MIWE customers have when facing impending energy shortages?

The issue of energy volatility has become an increasing concern across Europe this year. Whilst the bakery trade is seen as critical infrastructure and energy supply is likely to be sustained, the unstable global situation and rising energy prices are causing bakers to think twice about their options.

For greater peace of mind, MIWE – exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by EPP – is helping to reassure its customers who are uncertain about energy supply.

MIWE ovens are available to be converted to a different mode of heating, with an array of options available for greater energy flexibility. With the help of a service technician, MIWE roll-in and MIWE ideal ovens can be switched from using gas as a heating method to electric, liquefied petroleum, oil, or even dual fuel oil/gas burner heating modes.

Find out more about MIWE with EPP, or visit the MIWE website for further information.

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