Energy Recovery Systems

Energy Recovery Systems

Recovering as much of the energy lost during the baking cycle as possible makes economic sense. 

Ovens produce waste heat in two forms: steam and flue gas.  By using intelligently designed systems it is possible to recover energy from both sources. 

Our partner MIWE offers two options: 

The MIWE eco:nova uses the thermal energy from both sources.  By evaluating the flue gas and steam separately, it is able to make the most of the waste heat from your oven. It can recover up to one quarter of the energy used. 

The MIWE eco:box is a simpler solution designed to recover heat specifically from oven burner or heating boiler flue gases.  It is available in a range of different sizes and therefore suitable for any business, from small craft bakers to large-scale industrial baking operations. 

One flue installation can also be linked to multiple ovens, allowing bakers to make further cost savings via a proprietary system. 

Both systems recover up to 70% of the escaping flue gas heat as thermal energy, providing you with a supply of hot water that is then available for a wide range of uses: food processing, hot water for hand, utensil and equipment hygienic washing systems and office heating. 

Looking to save money and reduced your environmental impact? Speak to us: 

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