Biscuit Lines

Biscuit Lines

Our partnerships enable us to offer a versatile range of process equipment and machinery, enabling you to develop and produce imaginative new biscuits or match existing products with modern, efficient production systems.

We offer individual process modules or complete turnkey solutions to the biscuit industry for all process and production technologies, including: 

  • A range of depositors for wire cut biscuits that can handle fluid, dense and whipped mixes, with or without particulates, designed for large and smaller scale production. 
  • Rotary moulded systems offering reliable and consistent shapes and formats. 
  • Extrusion and co-extrusion technology which can simultaneously deposit two different dough mixes and a fluid filling, either directly onto an oven band or onto baking trays on a conveyor. 
  • Cookie cappers – dedicated sandwich cookie systems automate the processes of biscuit overturning, depositing the filling and then capping, to optimise efficiency and throughput. 
  • Ovens to ensure that every biscuit is perfectly coloured and has the desired textural qualities. 
  • Product handling systems to stack and present the product to the packing systems. 
  • Packaging systems designed to support your integrated production line – an essential element of your investment. 

Our experience covers large industrial installations through to smaller batch process production systems. This enables us to provide you with the right solution to meet your needs. 

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