“I spoke to EPP who came down and gave us some advice, and we decided to go with a MIWE oven. It bakes the most fantastic bread and shaves four or five hours from our bake time on a busy day. It’s a big bit of kit and a large investment for us, but we are hugely happy with it and I know it will last. It’s efficient, it’s smart, it does what it says it’s going to do. It’s just great. It’s quite a soft bake and gives us some light and shade in terms of how the bread looks. The team that installed it were very helpful, efficient and very understanding. To manoeuvre an oven of that size into the small space was great. They did it without any fuss and were great people to work with.”

Adam Humphrey

Owner of Little Arras Bakery

“EPP gave us good advice on what we needed and helped us with the planning and development of the bakery. When the installation came, EPP organised a guy to fly over from Germany to fit the MIWE GVA e+ retarder proofer, and there were no issues at all in the process. We had one or two small teething problems with the oven, but they have been quick to get out here to sort them, so we’ve had a good relationship. I’d have no hesitation in recommending EPP – we’ve been very happy with the standard of equipment supplied and the support from them, and I look forward to having a long relationship with them.”

Douglas Middlemass

Retail Director at Pioneer Foodstore

“EPP and Koenig came up with a solution which allowed us to upgrade and fit modern electrics into our original machine, giving better control. It has brought it up to modern standards. Because the machine has worked so well – with nothing wrong on the mechanical side of things – we decided to invest and replace the electronics as suggested. The EPP engineers were here for a morning, they did a fantastic job with the upgrade. The belts have been changed as needed, and we look after it. It looks like new and think it will last for more years to come.”

Peter Clarke

Co-owner, Colston Bakeries

“We’ve built up a good relationship with EPP, and they provided great support when we bought our oven which has been fantastic, so it seemed the logical decision to use them again.”

Mark Johnstone

General Manager, Roses the Bakers

“The relationship between EPP and N&H has been well established, having worked together for more than five years. EPP come to provide servicing – not just for the latest equipment, but also other bits of kit in the bakery – and they’ll give a good service to anything and everything. They’re also very good at getting our staff trained up quickly on the specifics of the equipment, which is very helpful.”

David Walmsley

Business Director at Finsbury Food Group

“EPP and Comas have both supported us brilliantly over the years. We know the people; we know the standards and the level of professionalism that they offer.”

Ronnie Miles

Managing Director of Bells Food Group Ltd


For over 45 years, European Process Plant (EPP) has been supplying British and Irish bakers with high-quality bakery and food production equipment from our network of leading European manufacturing partners. In that time, we have worked on a variety of interesting projects from start to finish, including the maintenance that comes after.

This is what our customers have to say about the EPP service:

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