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Haas-Mondomix is the leading supplier of continuous aeration equipment for the baking, food manufacturing and dairy industries. With more than 35 years experience in the sectors Haas-Mondomix is expert at providing customers with tailor-made products and developing innovative ideas that usually start with recipe development in its own laboratory right through to final production and after-sales service.

Projects carried out with EPP have revealed that the payback time for an aeration system can be just a few months. So if you are looking to aerate dairy or non dairy cream, sponge, chocolate, mousses, desserts, yoghurt-based goods or other aerated dairy desserts you need to talk to EPP.

The production of aerated products can be achieved through different process technologies depending on the required quantities, the properties of the ingredients and the desired qualities of the finished product. 

EPP can provide you with the most appropriate solution to meet your needs. 

Planetary Mixers 

High speed planetary mixers can be used to incorporate air within the ingredients.  In more advanced machines the level of aeration can be controlled by modifying the air pressure within the mixing vessel. 

Inline Static Mixing Systems 

Product is pumped through a static mixing tool, generating a mixed and aerated finished product.  Suitable for a wide range of materials including batters, mousses, meringues and as well as dairy products and creams. 

Inline Continuous Aeration 

The ultimate in controlled aeration technology. Liquid mass and gas are merged at the inlet to a high speed mixing head. They are then mixed under controlled pressure to create a homogenous mass. 

By having full control of the mixing variables – such as mixing speed, system pressure, flow rate, liquid and gas ratio and temperature – it enables the reliable production of a uniform texture and high quality product. 

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