Bakery Project Support and Realisation

What you imagine, EPP delivers

With five decades of supporting the UK and Irish baking industry, and having implemented hundreds of projects covering every imaginable bakery product, the team at EPP have a huge wealth of practical experience and knowledge to draw on when they are working with you.  

The team at EPP provides you with:

  • knowledge & insights from across the baking industry
  • practical experience and deep understanding of bakery manufacturing processes
  • access to outstanding testing and trials facilities
  • project proposals with layouts and budget pricing
  • insights and understanding from raw material to the dough production, baking to cooling, freezing and packing
  • optimised solutions for the entire production process
  • the ability to meet the requirements of industrial customers
  • experience of supporting individual requirements and smaller, artisan projects
  • advanced knowledge and experience in industrial system design
  • skills and experience of supporting product development processes and trials
  • access to Master Bakers and process technologist to support line optimisation
  • project planning support and links to supporting trades
  • installation and commissioning of lines, working with your team
  • on-going maintenance support
  • breakdown response with telephone technical support and our own supplier trained engineers available to attend at site
  • spares – management and supply of OEM parts

If you have any questions, feel free to browse our FAQs section, or contact us.

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