Deck Ovens

Deck Ovens

With its stone style hearth/sole plate baking through radiant heat and conduction, deck ovens enhance product qualities through crust and flavour development. EPP’s long established partnership with MIWE means we supply the very best in deck oven equipment from this leading German brand, which has celebrated 100 years in manufacturing ovens. 

Deck ovens can come in various sizes to suit space and capacity, from small single deck pizza style ovens to larger multi deck systems.  

By heating from top and bottom radiating plates, it is possible to build a thick crust and lock in moisture inside the product – essential for authentic artisanal breads.   

Having tight control over the amount and timing of steam injected into the deck space allows you to create the perfect baking environment for your products.  

Deck ovens can also be used to bake successfully with products on trays. 

As well as the typical shop style deck ovens, EPP supplies very large deck ovens to be used in industrial baking environments. With independently controlled decks and with automated loading/unloading systems it is possible to bake a number of different SKUs at the same time. This is a big benefit when product shelf life is short, allowing bakers to ensure all products are despatched with the same freshness. 

Powered by gas, fuel oil or electric, supplied with condensing steam hoods to reduce roof penetrations, and with the MIWE Go! system, many ovens in different locations can be controlled centrally, which is particularly beneficial for bakeries with a number of outlets. 

Energy efficiency has become a priority.  MIWE has been leading the way in energy efficiency for many years, building reliable heat recovery systems to reduce your total cost of baking. The Eco:Nova system takes the waste heat from the flue and baking chamber to produce useable hot water for heating of other processes. 

With a large portfolio of decks ovens, each with their own unique capabilities, and with our experience, the team at EPP can help you select the right deck oven to meet your requirements.  

Contact us to help choose the right deck oven to suit your needs. 

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