Slicing, Flow Wrapping, Bagging & Packing

Slicing, Flow Wrapping, Bagging & Packing

Having the right packaging solution at the end of the line ensures the smooth operation of any bakery. 

Cutting and slicing offers an opportunity for added value sales, whether that is slicing tinned breads, cutting cracker sheets, pre-cutting rolls or portioning of gâteaux or tray bakes, either for direct retail sales or for sale into the food service distribution chain. 

Solutions for buns, boule style artisan breads or traditional tinned products are available and utilising a variety of differing cutting technologies, be that reciprocating slicers, utilising the benefits of modern band slicers or the flexibility of disc cutting to provide a variety of partial cuts. 

EPP also has specialist knowledge and experience in ultrasonic cutting systems for a wide variety of products including cakes, pastries, and desserts. 

Packaging equipment can either be stand alone or directly coupled to the slicing machinery. We can offer either bagging systems or flow wrap, and have experience of working with a wide range of substrates including new and exciting biodegradable wraps.  

Our partner, Gasparin, specialises in industrial slicing and bagging equipment for the bakery sector. The company designs and manufactures the latest technology in band slicing and reciprocating blade slicing machinery, as well as produces horizontal and vertical cutters for every type of bakery product. Gasparin produces a range of systems covering every level of output requirement. 

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EPP also provides solutions for high volume, high speed packing hall projects for smaller products such as snacks, biscuits and crackers, integrated with production lines.   

Designing systems to cope with large throughputs whilst simultaneously managing the range of different formats and the final packaging flexibility demanded by marketing teams requires attention to detail.  

We would be delighted to help you develop your optimum solution, delivering efficiency and flexibility. 

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