Rack Ovens

Rack Ovens

Rack ovens are the perfect answer for commercial bakeries baking a range of products. Their relatively small footprint and reduced baking times – through the use of convection – makes them a popular choice for most bakeries. 

EPP’s long established partnership with MIWE means we supply the very best in rack oven equipment from this leading German brand which has celebrated 100 years manufacturing ovens.   

MIWE rack ovens (roll-ins) all benefit from the unique features of air control, atmospheric baking and a heat storage wall. These benefits allow the baker to produce repeatable uniform baking results, regardless of external factors such as the weather, which can have a surprising impact on your oven’s performance. 

Utilising touch screen technology, MIWE has developed its ‘TC’ control system, giving the baker levels of customisation of the baking profile not possible before. Ovens can also be linked together remotely using the MIWE Go! System, particularly beneficial for bakeries with several outlets. 

Energy efficiency has become a priority.  MIWE has been leading the way in energy efficiency for many years, building reliable heat recovery systems to reduce your total cost of baking. Its Eco:Nova system takes the waste heat from the flue and baking chamber to produce useable hot water for heating of other processes. 

MIWE’s extensive range of rack ovens means that whether you want to bake with just one rack or three, use gas, fuel oil or electric, or have a condensing stream hood to minimise roof penetration, MIWE has the right oven for you.  

EPP’s team will help you with your installation and can arrange flue supply as part of the installation package. 

Our experienced team at EPP can help you select the ideal rack oven for your bakery. 

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