Vacuum Baking/Cooling & Conditioning

Vacuum Baking, Cooling & Conditioning

A technological approach to baking that delivers significant product and process benefits if utilised correctly.

EPP works closely with a number of suppliers of this technology to fully understand the potential and the limitations.  We have completed trials for a wide range different product groups and have significant experience in its application. 

By reducing atmospheric pressure within the chamber, it is possible to simultaneously complete the baking process, enhance the product structure and cool the product. This delivers results that are reliable and noticeable to consumers in the finished product.  

Through an understanding of the processes involved and how they impact the finished product, we can work with you to ensure that it will provide the results you want to achieve. 

Adopting this technology requires careful testing and a thorough understanding of the impact on your product – experience that EPP has after working on a wide range of products and installing equipment across the UK on products such as pastries, quiches and pies. 

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