Roll & Doughnut Plants

Roll & Doughnut Plants

For automatic dough dividing and rounding machines.

EPP is immensely proud of its long-standing partnership with Koenig, the market leader in processing equipment for rolls and similar products. EPP has installed hundreds of Koenig lines right across the UK and Ireland. 

Head machines and bread roll lines from Koenig have become standard equipment in bakeries all over the world. Bakers trust Koenig.  

Koenig equipment is in use in small family bakeries where only a few hundred rolls are produced per day, supermarket in-store bakeries and industrial bakeries where hourly output rates of up to 42,000 units and more are achieved.  

Thanks to extensive research and development, Koenig offers a technologically advanced patented pre-dividing system that strikes a balance between accuracy of weight and gentle processing – unrivalled at its level. Koenig guarantees gentle dough handling and accurate weighing in all Rex machines.  

Koenig is continuously improving and further developing its machines with regards to weight accuracy and range, gentle dough processing, methods for the processing of “difficult” doughs, hygiene, low-maintenance design and user-friendly machine operation. 

With a wide range of modular sections available, further processing and product differentiation can be offered by selecting from a range including stamping, rolling, pinning, seeding, cutting and doughnut/ punching units. 

Continuous proving systems with automatic product transfers and integrated panning systems are all part of Koenig’s expertise. 

EPP offers doughnut frying systems as well as being able to provide integrated solutions for injection and coating, so fully finished products can be produced on the line. 

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of the range so will be able to work with you, guide your choice of solution to meet your production requirements and then install the equipment at your facility. 

Whatever your project, come and talk to us 

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