Introducing EPP’s bakery service engineering team

Bakery owners know that properly trained bakers are essential to ensuring that any bakery runs smoothly, and the same principle applies to engineers who support their equipment. They need engineers who understand their machines and their products, and can keep them running smoothly and efficiently, even when running a demanding schedule.

At EPP, we have a team of dedicated bakery engineers who have decades of combined experience in servicing, installing, moving, modifying and upgrading bakery equipment of all sizes and types. We know how to set up the machines for optimal performance, product quality and waste reduction, ensuring owners gain maximum return on investment and minimum disruption.EPP engineers also have direct access to the machine designers and constructors, so extra support is always on hand if needed.

The team has been involved with projects of every size, from servicing small ovens and mixers, to installations of complete industrial lines, moving equipment within a bakery or between sites, and other modifications and upgrades. Whether you are a large bakery with your own engineering team requiring specialist support, a small high street bakery with no engineering staff, requiring more ‘everyday’ assistance, or somewhere in between – we can tailor our support to suit your needs.

Understanding both the machinery and – just as importantly – the products it produces are critical to ensuring equipment is maintained correctly. We offer service contracts that include regular equipment surveys and planned maintenance routines, to ensure your equipment is always ready and in top condition when you need it.

Trust EPP’s bakery service engineering team to take care of your equipment, so you can focus on your craft.

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