Artisan Bread Solutions

Artisan Bread Solutions

König is the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic roll plants including stress-free dough systems. The Austrian company builds machines for craft and industrial bakers capable of producing 1,400 to 36,000 dough pieces per hour.

Over the past 40 years EPP has supplied, installed and maintained nearly 2000 König roll plants throughout the UK and Ireland. It is the reliability, versatility and longevity that have made König machines so popular with bakers who have long recognised what the benefits of gentle dividing and rounding action can bring to their finished roll products.

But there is more to König than roll plants. The company has a specialist laminating division and the range is completed.

Contact EPP to find out how installing König equipment will bring enormous benefits to your business.

MIWE has been making life easier for bakers for more than 80 years. The company is Europe’s largest and most successful manufacturer of rack and deck ovens, bakery refrigeration systems, automation equipment and control systems. We at EPP have worked with MIWE for many years and together we have forged an enviable reputation in the baking and food manufacturing industries for delivering top quality products and excellent support and maintenance services.

MIWE listens to its customers requirements and, as a result, has a product range of superb quality. So for hot air air convection, radiant heating and thermal oil technology ovens and all your retarding, freezing and proving requirements talk to EPP about the solution MIWE can offer.

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