Artisan Bread Solutions

Artisan Bread Solutions


Artisan bread starts with the right ingredients and is brought to fruition through the baker’s skill. 

EPP is here to help you on that journey by providing the right equipment you need to enable you to bake the breads you want to produce.  We will work with you to understand the processes, product range and capacity requirements you have and then ensure we recommend the right solutions.   

With a heritage built in the baking industry and a passion for its products, EPP has the experience and knowledge gained from helping and equipping artisan bakers across the UK and Ireland.  

EPP will provide you with a range of equipment that is sourced from suppliers that are experts in the processes needed to deliver the flavours, textures and aromas you want to achieve.  It doesn’t stop there. We will install and commission the equipment and EPP can arrange time with Master Bakers to support you as you develop your recipes and product range – helping you get the very best from the equipment you buy.  

Mixers: EPP offers mixers that are designed for the smaller bakers, with the capacity to meet your daily demand and the capability to mix consistently, even for a wide range of different batch sizes  

Sourdoughs : Levain or sourdough ferment units ensure you deliver the consistent flavour you want to achieve, making sure the mix is temperature controlled at all times.  

Proving cabinets: Optimum proving cycles including retarder provers deliver the flavour profile you demand and ensure product is ready at the time you need to bake it.  

Dough handling:  Dough dividers respect the fermentation process by gently handling your mix whilst aiding the accurate dividing and initial forming of the dough pieces.  

Ovens: Whether it is for limited capacity or higher throughputs, we have the oven to suit your needs.  EPP offers a wide range of ovens from small stone deck ovens & multi-deck stone ovens through to larger rack ovens and travelling stone bed ovens.  

If your passion is baking high quality products, make sure you are using the right equipment to deliver the bread you are proud to sell.  Contact our team to explore the full range of equipment to meet your needs.  

You won’t compromise on the ingredients you use – don’t compromise on the equipment you use to bake it.

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