Continuous Proofers/Coolers/Freezers

Continuous Proofers/Coolers/Freezers

Controlling temperature in industrial lines is crucial to ensuring the final product quality at every stage of the process including proofing, cooling and freezing. 

With five decades of expertise in continuous bakery lines, EPP is able to offer a range of solutions to suit the demanding process parameters required within industrial bakery lines from a diverse network of leading European bakery equipment suppliers. 

Proving systems on belts/trays/tins or peel boards 

Baking tin or tray proofing, ideally suited for tinned loaves and burger buns, specified to suit the dimensions of your baking equipment and the needs of your products. 

The growth of artisan style products has seen a rise in demand for peel board proofing with fully automated provers handling the boards and presenting them to the scabbling take off belt prior to the oven band. 

Systems are designed to meet production requirements whilst conforming to the space limitations and operational needs. Spirals, overhead/ over oven, vertical or horizontal conveyor formats can be provided for; all with precise control over the temperature, humidity and air flow to ensure consistent results. 

Cooling and Freezing 

The spiral cooler or freezer offers a cost and space-efficient solution.  In-feed and out-feed belts seamlessly integrate with your processing line.  The system may be single or double spiral, drum or edge driven conveyor technology. 

Air cooling can be achieved via movement of ambient air or product can pass through a forced air-conditioned room. 

Each solution is tailor made to fit the needs of your project, all designed for the hygienic production of your finished products. 

If you are working on a project that demands temperature control then talk to the team: 

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