Pie Lines

Pie Lines

Whether it is mince pies, tarts, quiches, cheesecakes or scotch pies (either unlidded, crimped or have a floating lid): EPP has a solution for you. 

We offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art, customisable technologies and equipment for producing just about any shape or size.  

Volumetric extruders ensure that the exact weight of dough is portioned out, and blocking units guarantee precision stamping. Every pie shell has a uniform thickness and perfect shape, whether round, square, heart or star shaped 

Volumetric depositors for biscuit crumb ensure uniform cheesecake bases. 

Volumetric piston depositors for creams or jams can be integrated into your line.   

Add in a rotary moulder to produce custom lattices and lids to pies and tarts. 

Be it on baking trays or on platens with foils or paper, be it a compact processing unit or high capacity, integrated industrial-scale system, lines will be configured to your specific processing requirement and recipe. 

For bite-sized fruit tartlets or family-sized pies, EPP can provide you with technology that guarantees flexible, efficient and reliable processing for high quality products. 

EPP is the bakery partner representative for GEA Comas in the UK and Ireland, a partner which has installed hundreds of pie systems worldwide. 

To match your stringent requirements we will provide you with the baking solution you need.  Whether it is batch or continuous, our extensive partnerships with bakery suppliers mean we will provide you with the solution to meet your demands. 

Read more about one of our pie lines in action at Bells Food Group. 

Interested in a pie line? Talk to the team about your project sales@eppltd.co.uk  

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