Be it cupcakes, muffins, individual marbled, filled, moulded or decorated cakes – whatever the size, shape and type of cake, EPP provides industry-leading equipment, production lines and complete turnkey plants. Our solutions are designed to ensure that every final product has the texture, flavour and appearance that you and your customers expect. 

Integrated systems are built around precise mix depositing, baking, gentle handling and accurate decorating systems – key to enabling the high production capacity.  Precision ensures perfect products time after time.  

We also provide fast paper cup denesting and placement as well as decorating technologies enabling you the option to offer individual finishes for special occasion cakes. 

In addition, we supply technologies for injecting chocolate, cream and other fillings, and oil spray systems that will help ensure that products can be easily de-panned. 

EPP baking solutions are designed around your products, with solutions for both continuous and batch production. 

Product handling is offered in a range of automated processes including overturning or pick and place systems which can be configured to use needles, vacuums or clamps, and, if required, can place cakes directly into vacuum formed trays or boxes. 

Whatever your cake passion we can help: 

  • Cupcakes and muffins
  • Choux
  • Marbled and two-colour cakes
  • Round layer cakes
  • Sheet layer cakes
  • Moulded cakes
  • Decorated cakes
  • Injected cakes

EPP offers end-to-end solutions – from denesters and depositors to ovens, injecting systems and depanners to packaging lines, producing the batter to filling and topping your final product. 

Come and talk to us about your cake project – 

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