Dough Sheeting Lines

Dough Sheeting & Low Stress Dividing Lines 

Dough sheeting gently handles a dough whilst forming a consistent mass prior to cutting and forming into a finished product. This allows the baker to produce different shapes and formats whilst ensuring consistent weights and dimensions. 

EPP offers a wide range of sheeting solutions, from smaller units suitable for artisan producers, through to large industrial lines built up from a combination of modular units with a throughput of 5000kg per hour. 

As well as producing consistent cut dough pieces, a range of different elements can be built into the sheeting system. These include seed and topping units, forming stations, cutting stations and retracting units to enable product to be trayed up for proving or efficiently conveyed directly into the oven. 

The range of suitable sheeting systems EPP offers covers every product type: puff pastry, Danish pastry, rustic-style baguettes, ciabattas, white breads, round flat breads, rye breads, rye-wheat breads, Mediterranean-style breads, pizzas, baguettes, scones, and more. 

Whatever the product you want to produce, EPP can offer a solution 

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