The latest slicing and packaging solutions with Brevetti Gasparin and EPP

Choosing the right slicing and/or packaging solution can help bakers to make huge time and cost savings and ensure quality and uniformity of product.

EPP partner Brevetti Gasparin is a leading manufacturer of industrial slicing and packaging equipment designed specifically for bakeries.

Brevetti Gasparin prioritises the delivery of reliable, functional and guaranteed solutions in this important end-of-line production process. Its products have been designed to slice and package a variety of products, such as bread loaves (including gluten-free), buns, baguettes, bagels, pita and flat breads, croutons, focaccia, knackenbrot crackers, confectionery, sandwich bread and more.

Browse the newly released brochure highlighting the latest solutions, which have been developed over more than 60 years of experience in the industry.


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