What does EPP do?

There are three parts of the business:

New Equipment (Design and Installations)

EPP’s team works with you to ensure that we fully understand your requirements before making equipment recommendations.

It is only by understanding every stage of your process that we can ensure we can recommend the right equipment to meet your needs for your product(s), whether it’s specifying ovens, dividers, mixers or any of our equipment offering.

We work with our supplier partners to tailor a solution to suit your unique industrial bakery equipment needs, operating exclusively in the UK and Ireland.

We have the knowledge and capability of running trials and tests to ensure you have complete confidence in the solution before you commit to your purchase.

We draw on a vast wealth of experience built up over the many projects that we and our suppliers have been involved with, both in the UK and around the world. This ensures that we can deliver on our promise.

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Service and Support

Keeping your equipment in top condition takes time and experience – our team of dedicated engineers have many years of experience between them which means that they can offer more than just mechanical repairs.

They understand how the machines should be set up, and how to make minor adjustments to improve performance, product quality and reduce waste.

Because of our specialism in bakery production, we have excellent relationships with leading bakery equipment manufacturers, and unlike many other organisations, we are focussed entirely on your industry.

Our direct access to the machine designers and constructers ensures that we can get additional support if this is required.

For more information, browse Our Services page or our Bakery Support and Realisation page.

OEM parts        

When parts wear out or break, it is reassuring to know that you are fitting parts to the specification of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

By talking to our dedicated team, we can ensure that we provide you with the parts for your specific machine so that you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Looking for OEM parts for your bakery equipment? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Pricing Questions
How much will the equipment cost?

This is a much more difficult question to answer than you might anticipate.

The equipment we sell is often built with bespoke options to suit customers’ products, processes and locations, therefore the price will reflect the wide range of options and requirements customers specify.

We make sure that we take the time to work with our customers in order to get this specification right.

We are normally able to give you a budget price quite quickly, but formal quotations take longer, as we need to make sure we have got the specification exactly right.

What is the delivery time?

Most of the equipment we supply is built to order, so the lead time depends on a number of factors, including the size of the project and the level of customisation that is required.

How busy manufacturers are at the time orders are placed can also have an impact.

Ensuring deposits are paid promptly and requested design information is signed off in a timely manner ensures the equipment is delivered as quickly as possible.

How quickly can you provide a formal quotation?

The time taken to provide a quotation depends on the complexity of the enquiry.  Prices for stand alone, standard specification equipment can normally be provided quickly.

More complex projects require a lot more work to provide a full quotation and can take a couple of weeks to complete once there is agreement on all of the details.

Equipment Questions
Will it fit in my bakery?

Our team will work with you to ensure we know exactly how much space is available – including the headroom required.  Detailed technical drawings with dimensions will be provided.If the equipment comes in sections, we provide dimensions of each unit.

Just as importantly, we will survey the route within the premises to ensure that it is possible to deliver and move the equipment into position.  Any modifications to the building to enable access, such as openings in walls or removal of partitions (that are agreed),will be your responsibility to complete prior to the equipment being delivered.

Do you offer turnkey projects?

Yes.  We have a portfolio of equipment from ingredient reception through to packaging equipment enabling us to offer turnkey installations.

Is the equipment modular?

Some of the equipment we supply is modular or stand alone.

Other equipment is designed to be installed as part of a bigger system and integrated with conveyors and other processing equipment.  If it is to be integrated, we will need to know in advance so that we can ensure that the equipment has the necessary connections to ensure that it will work together.

Can EPP integrate with other suppliers?

Yes.  We regularly integrate equipment with either additional new equipment or existing equipment on site.  Ensuring we have all the necessary information of the existing line is important.  We can also liaise with other suppliers if that is required.

Do you have a stock equipment available at short notice?

Given the range and size of the equipment we supply, it is not possible to hold equipment in stock.  However, our long-term relationships with our suppliers means that it is normally possible to provide standard standalone equipment such as mixers, small ovens and other such equipment on very short lead times.

We also look to provide loan equipment whenever there is a specific need whilst your equipment is being manufactured.

How long will the machine last?

We have a lot of equipment that is functioning efficiently many, many years after it was installed, we recently featured a small machine that is over 25years old.

Ensuring that the equipment is properly maintained and serviced will enable you to extend the working life of your lines. EPP can provide an ongoing maintenance package for your equipment.

Do you offer different finishes/ materials/ colours for your products?

All the equipment we provide is suitable for use within food production environments.  However, we know that different companies have different requirements when purchasing equipment. We will work with your team to ensure that we meet your needs.

How energy efficient are our products?

We can provide energy usage information for your equipment.

Contact us with your equipment information.

What equipment do I need for...
What is the best equipment for making bread rolls?

We recommend Koenig equipment, the market leader in processing equipment for rolls and similar products. EPP has installed hundreds of Koenig lines right across the UK and Ireland. We have been Koenig’s representative in the UK for over 35 years and installed many lines. Head machines and bread roll lines from Koenig have become standard equipment in bakeries all over the world.

What oven do I need?

The answer to that question depends on what you are wanting to bake, what quantity and how much space you have available.

We sell a range of different ovens from countertop ovens, suitable for baking snacks, restaurant sized ovens designed for optimal baking conditions, stone-based deck ovens androtary rack ovens through to a variety of tunnel ovens with heating systems optimised for specific baked products and even multideck tunnel ovens.

The technical sales team will work with you to ensure you can choose the right oven to suit your needs.

Do you sell pizza lines?

Yes we do sell industrial pizza lines.

We can provide a range of different technologies depending on the finished product you wish to produce, from dough mixing, forming, topping and baking.

Project support
Can you arrange remote meetings?

The recent lockdowns have encouraged us to make use of online meeting systems to facilitate projects.  As well as holding initial meetings with you and your team, we have also used the technology to undertake virtual tours of equipment manufacturers’ facilities.  Whilst we cannot offer the same quality of catering in the virtual world it can offer an opportunity for a larger number of your team to see the equipment.

Do you offer visits to see equipment at existing sites?

Seeing lines operating in a factory environment can really help you to understand line capability, the quality of the engineering and performance of the equipment.

We can normally arrange for you to see something similar operating within a factory.

Sometimes these visits will need to be outside of the UK, given concerns with competitors, who may have doubts about you visiting their sites as we are sure you will understand.

Read more about the trials, test facilities and visits that EPP can arrange.

Am I able to run tests on equipment and to do trials?

Running tests with your recipe on proposed equipment can normally be arranged – we have some equipment available at a test centre near Milton Keynes.  The equipment manufacturers also have large facilities available at their factories and we can arrange trials there.  Normally we would do this by attending in person but we are also able to offer this remote video calls.

What Project support do you offer?

EPP can provide some support with your project.  We will coordinate deliveries and ensure that the necessary information is exchanged with the team building the equipment.

We also have a number of ancillary contractors that we can recommend to you, be it for installation of flues, moving of equipment or other general engineering support.

We will work alongside your local team to ensure delivery and installation is stress free and meets your needs and timelines.

What arrangements do you make for PDI/FAT?

Particularly when a line has been built to your specific specification and prior to equipment being shipped, we normally arrange for you to have a Pre-Delivery Inspection of the line at the manufacturer’s facility.  This enables you and your team to check the line, ensure it fulfils your expectation and run some product tests.

Aftersales support
Do you offer after sales support?

Looking after your equipment will ensure it gives many years of service to you.  EPP has a team of trained engineers to support you by providing surveys, regular servicing and breakdown support.

Our After Sales team will ensure that you correctly identify and source the OEM spare parts.

Do you provide recommended spares lists?

Holding recommended spares within your engineering workshop makes sense. We can provide you with a list of recommended spares based on our extensive knowledge of the equipment we have sold over many years.

Do you hold Stock of parts in the UK?

EPP holds a stock of commonly ordered parts at our warehouse in Surrey.

Trading terms
What are your Terms and Conditions of trading?

Please see our standard General Terms & Conditions document. For larger projects, there may be additional requirements that we need to agree on prior to confirming the order.  This is always done in consultation with you.

What are your Payment terms

Payment terms will be discussed as part of the quotation process.

An initial deposit payment is required to secure the purchase.  Once this has been paid, the order acceptance will be confirmed and an anticipated delivery date can be provided.

When the equipment is ready the second stage payment is required to be paid prior to the line leaving the factory.

The final balance is to be paid 30 days after the equipment is delivered.

Do you offer credit or lease arrangements?

EPP is not licensed to provide financial services and as such cannot offer credit or lease arrangements. However, we are happy to put you in contact with a number of brokers who are able to arrange hire purchase or lease purchase options with you.  We are very familiar with working with such providers and can ensure the finance arrangements work smoothly.

Payment terms – Euro vs GBP

The UK: EU deal means that there are no import tariffs on either new equipment or spare parts where these parts are of EU origin.  A limited number of parts are of non-EU origin and there may be UK tariffs associated with importing these into the UK – this tariff will be included in the price you pay.

Do I have to pay Import duties/delivery?

The UK:EU deal means that there are no import tariffs on either new equipment or spare parts where these parts are of EU origin.  A limited number of parts are of non-EU origin and there may be UK tariffs associated with importing these into the UK – this tariff will be included in the price you pay.

What warranty do you provide?

The warranty will be detailed in the quotation offer we provide you with.  On new equipment we generally provide a 1-year warranty (other than for wear parts).  This will be confirmed in any offer and order quotation we provide you with.

What is your level of Public liability cover?

EPP has public liability cover to the value of £10m.

Is the equipment UKCA accredited?

The equipment we supply to the market will be correctly accredited according to the local requirements – within the UK that means new equipment will be UKCA marked, within Ireland it will be CE marked.

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