Pastry Sheeting and Make-Up Lines

Pastry Sheeting and Make-Up Lines

Pastry sheeting can be accomplished on small standalone sheeters or fully automated lines. EPP can offer you equipment right across the range of capacities. 

Oindustrial lines, the key to guarantee high quality products is to avoid building excessive stress or tension in the dough sheet. By careful design and line control the tension in the dough sheet can be reduced. 

Integration of lamination stations with butter/fat pumps allows the continuous production of Puff, Danish, Croissants and similar highquality doughs. 

By integrating dough resting belts and temperature-controlled cells, the quality of the dough can be further enhanced.  

Lines can be built up in a modular fashion, allowing for easy tailoring of a design to your needs, as well as accommodating future extension and integration of other components as required.  We offer laminating lines with varying configurations and varying automation features to satisfy customer requirements and space availability. 

Laminating Lines are renowned for their production flexibility, reliability and ease of operation. EPP can supply lines across a range of production capacities and working widths which can satisfy the requirements of each individual customer. 

If you are looking for support to develop your pasty production capacity, give the team at EPP a call 

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