Hygienic cleaning of food industry equipment

Hygienic cleaning of food industry equipment

Whether it is baking trays or bread baskets, maintaining bakery equipment in a hygienic condition is critical to ensuring the safe supply of bakery products. 

Choosing the right washing equipment – equipment that is able to consistently deliver to these standards – is vital 

It is not just about getting things wet: debris removal and drying afterwards are just as critical as is the efficient use of water and energy. Careful design ensures that every stage of the cleaning cycle is carefully considered and optimised.  

By designing equipment to meet the specific washing requirements for each customer and their equipment we are able to deliver this reliably. 

We can offer batch or continuous plants, for every type of tray, basket, crate, mould or tote bin used in the food industry. 

Inline, automatic cleaning of baking trays and tins ensures that debris left over from the last baking cycle is removed, the tins cleaned and then dried before being presented in pristine condition at the start of the next production cycle. 

Continuous feed washers allow high volume throughput of equipment, whether this is identical items or a range of different shapes and sizes. Energy efficient drying systems, utilising a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), and pallet stacking can be incorporated into highly automated systems operating a very high throughput. 

Batch washers can be useful for larger items or a mix of different equipment. 

The equipment provided by our partner Colussi Ermes, as well as having excellent advanced washing systems performance, offers: 

  • bespoke design, to meet each customer’s precise requirements
  • extremely high energy efficiency
  • industry leading reduction in water usage
  • efficient washing without the use of detergents
  • hygienic design – designed for ease of cleaning
  • no requirement to have rubber or plastic gaskets
  • low noise in operation
  • trays washed bottom down, avoiding the need to turn the trays in the washing process (including four-sided, muffin trays with deep moulds and indented trays)

We also support other industries looking for the advantages of advanced washing system technology. 

To discuss ensuring your hygienic operation please contact us – sales@eppltd.co.uk 

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