Food Service and Hospitality Catering

EPP is proud to have provided mixing and baking systems for some of the most prestigious hospitality venues in the UK.  With our extensive range of equipment, we are able to support your kitchen fit out. 


EPP offers a range of planetary and spiral mixers designed to suit the catering sector. Whether you want a small spiral that can be pushed under the worktop or a full-sized machine, we have the model to fit your needs. 

Proving/Retarding and Freezing 

Covering the spectrum of temperature control from -20°C to +40°C, EPP can supply units that master the temperature range and actively control a humidity range of up to 98% RH. This enables process-precision and automatic proofing, proofing retardation, fast cooling, proofing interruption or dough skinning. Of course, we also supply units suitable for freezing and long-term storage.  

If required, you can monitor and control everything remotely. 

Baking Stations 

Specialising in the baking station section we have a range of MIWE electrically heated convection ovens delivering excellent baking results to suit all occasions. All are available in a variety of sizes and combinations, equipped with a high-end steam system for the best shine, the ideal bloom and perfect bake – even when processing frozen dough pieces.  

Ovens are available as dual circuit models and with gastronomic functions controlling the oven on the core temperature of the product.  And of course, they feature self-cleaning technology. 

As well as traditional convection ovens, we also have electrically powered deck ovens, including a feature oven with cast iron front plate in the style of a wood fired oven to make a real statement in your establishment. 

Of course, you can have a combination of convection and deck ovens combined in one system which gives maximum flexibility and exceptional variety in baking, even in the smallest of spaces. 

Ancillary Equipment 

We can also supply a range of ancillary equipment such as small dividers and dough sheeters. 


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