Convection Ovens

Controlling the movement of air inside the convection oven, coupled with the performance of steam generation, ensures perfect heat distribution and the best baking results. 

The MIWE range of convection baking ovens offer excellent quality throughout the entire product catalogue – optimised for bread products, but with the benefit of gastronomic functions and auto cleaning to provide ovens that offer fantastic flexibility and efficiency. 

With a myriad of clever features to make baking a pleasure, programmable controllers to ensure consistent results and an automatic cleaning system that allows you to clean your baking station overnight and save energy with the auto-start technology, MIWE convection ovens are designed to offer bakers the solutions to meet their needs. 

MIWE’s range of convection ovens can be found around the world as the preferred choice of many chefs and bakers in restaurants, hotels, food service outlets and convenience stores, delivering quality baking consistently and reliably. 

Whether it’s a countertop oven to produce delicious snacks or full-scale ovens for busy kitchens, we offer the oven to suit your needs and to provide the bake quality you demand. 


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