Dedicated Solutions for Free-from Products

Dedicated Solutions for Free-from Products

We understand the differing product characteristics that gluten free & free-from products exhibit, and we know how the handling of the dough impacts on finished products.  Working with a free-from product can be more challenging and demanding than standard bakery products. 

EPP has worked on free-from and gluten free products for many years and has a vast amount of experience covering different products and processes. 

Ingredient handling: the material flow and handling characteristics of free from ingredients can be very different than standard bakery ingredients.  Designing systems to cope with this is critical to ensuring consistent flow and accurate metering. 

Mixing: achieving a homogenous mix, utilising the functional qualities of the ingredients and delivering a consistent dough or batter may require a different approach to mixing. 

Dividing/Depositing: many free-from doughs behave very differently when compared with traditional doughs.  The normal dividing and handling systems may not cope, and alternative handling systems need to be used. Gentle handling can often be critical to product quality. EPP has the experience and access to a range of equipment that is proven to deliver. 

Forming: pastry products including pie cases can be created. 

Baking: Understanding the role of both the baking cycle and prior handling of the product is crucial to delivering the final product quality.  The broad range of ovens and tin handling solutions that EPP has access to ensures we can provide the right solution. 

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