Pizza Lines

Pizza Lines

Whilst we can’t claim any Italian heritage, we do have extensive experience of specifying and installing pizza lines. 

Fresh or frozen, thin or thick crust, American-style or Italian-style, topped with just a layer of tomato sauce or with a combination of cheese, vegetables, meat, herbs and spicespizza comes in many different shapes and sizes. 

From producing dough through to the finished product we can supply the solution you need. 

Our partnerships with mixing equipment suppliers mean we have the range of machines to support you, whether that is small batch production or integrated into a high throughput line. 

We offer a range of dough processing options including dough ball forming and pressing out to size, or delicate dough sheet forming and then cutting of pizza bases (including trim waste recycling). 

Tomato sauce, meat, vegetables and cheese can be added either before or after baking the pizza bases. 

With our extensive network of oven suppliers, we are able to match the demands of your product to an oven that will meet your exacting needs. 

Using a modular system designed around your requirements, the pizza topping system is built up of individual units for depositing tomato sauce and other toppings on square or round pizzas of any size. Designed for easy cleaning, the pizza depositing machines are efficient and flexible, and make the switch between products easier whilst meeting the most stringent hygiene requirements. 

Tomato sauce topping can be added via fast and precise spray deposit heads or with highly accurate volumetric depositors for a uniform distribution of sauce with small particles. The option of a spreading unit with rotating device gives a spoon-spread effect over the pizza base. 

Particulate toppings can be deposited via target or waterfall systems to give edge to edge covering.  Product loading conveyors can be integrated into the line to ease manual loading tasks and increase speed. Scrap removal and recovery conveyors are integrated into the system to maximise yield, productivity and efficiency. 

Cooling and/ or freezing options post bake or post topping are also available and will integrate with any packing system. 

If you have a pizza project then come and talk to us

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