EPP and Brevetti Gasparin make bread slicing a cinch with Model 1700

Continuous band blade slicer delivers performance benefits and better bakery ROI 

Brevetti Gasparin has launched its newModel 1700 continuous band blade slicer for fast and efficient slicing of sandwich breads. The new slicer features several significant upgrades, in particular fast change over, improved blade guide design and blade tensioning systems.

Available in the UK and Ireland exclusively from bakery equipment supplier European Process Plant Ltd (EPP),the Model 1700 can save bakers time and money with the reduction in the number of stops required for blade changes and can slice up to 60 loaves per minute.

Its design features an advanced pneumatic oiling system which ensures the capability to handle difficult to slice products with ease, whilst preventing equipment from being dirtied by oil deposits as with other industrial slicers. A touchscreen panel gives bakers centralised controls and allows adjustments to be made without powering the machine off.

“With a longer lifespan, reduced downtime and an ability to handle more challenging products – such as fruited/seeded loaves as well as gluten free items – the Model 1700 is an appealing solution for bakers looking to maximise slicing quality and efficiency,” says Steve Merritt, EPP Managing Director. “We know that many bakers in the UK and Ireland rely upon reciprocating blade technology, but the enhanced accuracy and fast change over capability of the Model 1700 is a powerful combination. Bakeries looking to upgrade existing slicing lines or add new ones can rest assured that this is a high-quality product that will deliver excellent return on investment and high production capacity for many years to come.”

The Model 1700 has a choice of blade guides –either a fast change interchangeable blade pitch system, or a continuously adjustable blade lattice system.  The lattice system can be adjusted in minutes, and is capable of slicing a range of thicknesses. Each Model 1700 will be produced according to the required product dimensions of the customer, and small adjustments can be made with the touchscreen panel.  Both varieties of the slicer feature an automatic pneumatic blade tensioning system and deliver a significantly improved blade lifespan compared to more traditional slicers. Stainless steel blade guides developed with advanced ceramic coatings ensure accurate alignment of the blades, optimum cutting precision as well as extending the working life of blades.

“Our latest slicer incorporates our many years of industrial experience and know how,” says Stefano Dal Sasso, Chief Operating Officer of Brevetti Gasparin. “We are excited about the benefits of this high-capacity continuous band blade slicer, and we think that it is a great opportunity for medium and large-sized bakeries in the UK and Ireland to upgrade and gain an advantage over their competitors, saving them time and money. The slicer offers an outstanding combination of precision, efficiency, and durability, whilst being suited to a variety of products with fewer blade changes required. All parts are made in Italy, and we stand by our machinery to deliver a long and efficient lifespan for customers in this evolving market.”

The product is fully customisable to suit a wide variety of individual customer requirements. The slicer can integrate with bagging or flow-pack machines to deliver improved shelf life and increased packaging speed (up to 60 packs per minute) for maximum efficiency and profitability. Lines can have multiple functions to maximise reliability and uptime, with all systems designed to hit productivity and operational goals, reduce labour costs and maximise revenue. All equipment is available through EPP.

Working with EPP allows bakers to implement an integrated bakery solution, with feeding, slicing, packing and handling systems all available from Gasparin. EPP offers continued maintenance for all of EPP’s products, with Gasparin experts on hand when required.

For further information on the Equipment supplied, installed and maintained by EPP, please contact Steve Merritt, telephone 01372 745558 or e-mail


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