The value of regular maintenance and cleaning on Miwe rack ovens

Miwe rack ovens are an instrumental piece of equipment in many bakery lines and should be regularly serviced to maintain optimal efficiency. Here are our top tips to keep a MIWE rack oven in good condition:

  • Regularly lubricate and replace the turntable bottom bearing to prolong the life of your turntable and its movement
  • Regularly clean the oven to prevent debris collecting under the turntable
  • It is essential to keep the tension of the turntable drive chain to avoid further issues
  • Regularly inspect and replace door seals to ensure even heat as tight fitting doors keep heat in. The same goes for the door locking cams and handles.
  • Regular servicing of the burner contributes to efficient energy use and ensures reliability
  • Frequent inspection off hoses and pipework prevent water leaks and wet floors
  • Keepwater filtered to avoid limescale build up in steam spray tubes

Our field service engineers carry all the parts required in their vans, and will be able to carry out a service at an agreed time. Contact EPP at book your Miwe oven service today.

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