Adding the finishing touch to your bakery goods

Finishing systems are designed to add the final touches to your bakery products, enhancing the appearance, texture, and taste of baked goods. EPP offers a range of finishing systems to automate the process and provide bakers with practicality, economy and reliability. Whether dipping, spraying, glazing dissolving, or aerating, EPP’s diverse portfolio offers a solution for bakers. Products such as icing, ganache, apricot glazing, chocolate and more can all be incorporated with ease and efficiency to deliver the perfect finish.

Spraying systems

Spraying systems are engineered for adding the final touches to bakery products using ingredients such as eggwash, brightener, oil, and syrup. Thanks to pulsing airless nozzle technology, the precision and control offered by these systems is superior to spinning disc applicators, reducing wastage. With height and tilt adjustable airless spray guns, and sensors to detect product, these systems ensure that each product is finished to perfection, with an even coverage, saving costs.

EPP can provide recipe controlled spraying systems, allowing for a quick and painless change between products. The type and amount of product sprayed can all be controlled via the HMI screen. Products such as gourmet pastries, hot cross buns, sausage rolls and pies can all benefit from these systems.


These systems allow a finishing glaze to be added such as apricot glazing, cake icing and fondant and sugar solutions. EPP’s systems are capable of finishing thousands of products per hour. A circulation system ensures precise temperature control of the glazes, and a hygienic design allows for effective cleaning.


Dipping systems – designed for items such as doughnuts and cupcakes – create an even and consistent coating to enhance the visual appeal and taste of products. The system picks up product, dips it into the glaze (such as chocolate), then turns it and places it back onto the tin or conveyor. This traditionally labour-intensive process can be fully automated, allowing products to receive a uniform finish, with output of up to 6,000 products per hour. Larger volumes and continuous production options are also available with EPP.


For fully coating a baked item with a layer of chocolate, icing, or other coatings, enrobing systems are available. This solution can be used for chocolate-covered biscuits and cookies, as well as enrobed cakes, pretzels and more.


EPP also offers jacketed, heated tanks to keep products such as chocolate and icing hot and prevent them from solidifying before they are applied to the product. This equipment is essential for heating, dissolving, and boiling glazes, making the preparation process more streamlined and less labour-intensive. These tanks can be provided on a frame with wheels to allow for offline cleaning, and can come in full washdown specification.

Static aerator

Static aerators facilitate the aeration of products to create homogeneous, finely bubbled foams to be used in a large variety of products, such as emulsifier-free biscuit doughs, Viennese whirls, cream-based cake fillings, meringues, and even loose quark or yogurt desserts.

Why EPP?

Finishing systems can not only enhance the quality and consistency of baked products, but also significantly reduce the time and effort required in various stages of production. By integrating finishing system machinery into operations, bakers will see an increase in productivity, reduced manual labour requirements, allowing them to save costs and meet the growing demand for high-quality baked goods.

At EPP, our experienced team will help to provide the right finishing solution for you, with advice and support on hand when you need it. EPP is an exclusive supplier of Dojatec products within the UK and Ireland, an established company and a specialist in finishing systems, with more than 20 years of industry experience manufacturing high quality machines.

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