A stainless steel, medium capacity, automatic roll plant range which sets new hygiene and cleaning standards been launched in the UK and Ireland by European Process Plant.

Called the Rex Futura Multi, the bread roll machine made by the world leading manufacturer Konig can divide and round up to 9,000 dough pieces an hour when working with six rows and up to 4,500 pieces an hour with three. It offers an impressive of weight range starting as low 17g right up to 230g. It can also divide dough pieces up to 350g without rounding.

This is achieved by the operator simply changing the dividing pistons and rounding plate to the weight range and number of rows required and takes less than three minutes to complete.

The new machine is being supplied, installed and maintained by Epsom-based European Plant, the leading supplier of top quality plant. It takes its place alongside Konig’s smaller Mini Rex range and the Industrie Rex range which can handle up to 36,000 pieces per hour.

EPP’s managing director revealed that the company has installed well over 1,300 Mini-Rex roll plants throughout Britain plus several hundred larger capacity machines. The majority of all Konig machines supplied by EPP since the 1970s are still producing thousands of dough pieces an hour every day.

The managing director said: “It is the reliability, versatility and of course their longevity that makes Konig roll plant so popular. Interest in them remains higher than ever as bakers increasingly recognise the benefits their gentle dividing and rounding action brings to their finished roll products whatever the dough. Soft or firm doughs including white, wholemeal, fruited, hot cross bun, doughnut, brioche or pizza will not be a cause of concern the Rex Futura Multi.

Feeding the dough into the new machine could not be simpler. It is simply paced in an easily accessible large hopper which includes a light beam security system.

The scaling weight, required capacity, rounding speed, rounding pressure and rounding eccentric are all controlled by the simple to operate Siemens touch screen panel (HMI) which also stores the settings for all the bakers’ products. The panel also offers diagnostic assistance for operators and maintenance personnel.

Apart from the expansive weight range the other striking feature of the new Koenig Rex Futura Multi which excites EPP in how it sets new standards in hygiene control.

The main components of the machine including the dough feeding rollers, flour duster, dividing star wheels and drum cleaning brush can be easily removed which then allows easy unrestricted access to the areas where dough and flour are found.

“The ease of cleaning of the Rex Futura Multi really does set new standards for medium/high capacity roll plants,” he maintained.

It is available either as a stand-alone machine or as part of a complete plant which could be specified with any of the following: intermediate prover/resting; stamping; forming (pinning and long moulding); seeding; and automatic traying up of the dough pieces.

For further information on the Rex Futura Multi please contact Steve Merritt or Stewart Morris, telephone 01372 745558 or E-mail

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