A new generation of planetary mixers that is claimed to provide the level of control many bakers have long sought, has been launched in the UK and Ireland by Epsom-based European Process Plant.

Called Ultimix, the new range is manufactured by VMI, the world’s leading manufacturer of mixers and automatic mixing systems for plant bakers and food manufacturers.

EPP’s managing director said: “The cake recipes now used by bakers are becoming increasingly complex and varied. Precise control of the mixing process is essential in order that batters with the exact amount of aeration can be consistently produced.”

“VMI has responded to the demands from the baking industry for a planetary mixer that not only provides this precise control but is also versatile, compact and very easy to clean.”

EPP revealed that VMI had collected data from over 30,000 mixers it has supplied to leading bakeries around the world over the past 40 years. The company’s research and development team also worked closely with university scientists in order to model and master the essential parameters in planetary mixing systems. The study proved that all the parameters must be adjusted to the recipe and size of the batch in order that optimum results can be achieved.

The result of all this work is the stainless steel Ultimix and a complete range of tools that enables a large variety of recipes to be produced. Having complete control over the parameters means these recipes can be consistently produced whatever the batch size.

EPP added; “Bakers know that in a planetary mixer the mixing or whipping tools rotate on their own axes and at the same time on a common axes which results in batters being quickly produced. The Ultimix allows bakers to have full control over the ratio, or more simply the rotation speeds of the tools and the revolution speed of the satellite and power consumption.”

“The HDPE scraper is also able to scrape the entire profile of the bowl which results in better homogenisation of the mix.”

The ergonomic design has resulted in a mixer that is both compact and accessible. Its flush mounts also means that the Ultimix with its optional two cleaning nozzles is easy to clean.

The Ultimix, with bowl capacities ranging from 200 to 900 litres, will be fully supported by EPP, the market leading company that has been supplying top quality equipment to the British and Irish baking and food processing industries for over 40 years.

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