Depositing, Pies and Sheeting Systems: GEA Bakery Experience Centre

GEA Comas Bakery Experience Centre offers you the opportunity to trial a wide range of technologies all at one place with the advantage of having a tunnel oven in place so the full process can be replicated at small scale production run scale. 

In addition to a range of depositing systems the facility has tart and pie line technology, biscuit handling, pastry sheeting systems all supported by front end mixing and facilities to bake off finished products. 

The dedicated team have vast experience handling a huge range of ingredients and processing techniques and are there to help you improve existing processes for established recipes, and to develop processes for new recipes and bakery concepts. Recipes and processes are tested on a range of GEA bakery equipment and technologies, to devise the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable process for the highest quality product. 

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