Supercharge bakery efficiency and productivity with the Koenig Mini Rex

Efficiency, reliability, and repeatability are keys to delivering quality bakery goods whilst maximising profitability. The Koenig Mini Rex is a compact, rugged machine designed to elevate bakery throughput for rolls and related products by precision automating the dividing and rounding process. Available from European Process Plant (EPP) in the UK and Ireland exclusively, the Mini Rex stands as a testament to effective bakery automation. EPP has installed Koenig Mini Rex divider rounders across the UK and Ireland, delivering outstanding return on investment and providing reliable service for many years.

Who is the Koenig Mini Rex Suited To?

The Mini Rex is the perfect match for small bakeries looking to streamline their operations. Koenig offers a technologically advanced patented pre-dividing system that strikes a balance between accuracy of weight and gentle processing – unrivalled at its level. It guarantees gentle dough handling and accurate weighing, and is capable of handling hydrated doughs, to ensure a softer, longer lasting product.

Key Features of the Koenig Mini Rex

  • Reliability: With a robust stainless-steel design and renowned reliable performance, the Mini Rex ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity.
  • Efficiency: Capable of producing up to 4,800 pieces per hour, the Mini Rex can significantly boost bakery throughput.
  • Flexible Weight Range: Thanks to the Mini Rex’s extensive weight range (from 8-330g), accommodating various product sizes and shapes is simple.
  • Consistency: Each piece is weighed precisely, ensuring uniformity in every batch, and reducing ingredient wastage.
  • Easy cleaning: The Mini Rex’s ergonomic design and removable components allow for easy cleaning every day, saving bakers time and effort.

Bakeries that trust the Koenig Mini Rex:


The Koenig Mini Rex is available through EPP exclusively in the UK and Ireland. Contact EPP today and take the first step towards a more efficient, dependable, and versatile baking operation. To discover how the Mini Rex can benefit your bakery, reach out to the EPP sales team at

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