The secret to fresher bread every day with MIWE smartfresh

What if we told you there is a product that allows bakers to store par-baked goods, and not only prevents them from becoming stale, but makes them fresher every day?

One of the greatest innovations that the EPP team saw on show at iba Munich was MIWE smartfresh, which allows bakers to offer fresh and high-quality products to customers whilst saving time, energy and money. The MIWE smartfresh system allows bakers to store par-baked goods, such as bread, for a longer period of three to 10 days, and bake them off as and when they’re needed.

What’s so special about the MIWE smartfresh storage technology is that it not only preserves the freshness of par-baked goods, but also improves them. How does it do that? By storing products at a constant temperature of about 4°C and a humidity of 95-98% RH, it allows par-baked goods to absorb more moisture with each day they’re stored. This improves the texture, flavour and shelf life of products, as they stay fresher for longer.

“This latest storage technology from MIWE is a fantastic asset for bakers who want to offer their customers the best possible quality and freshness, whilst also preventing wastage and saving time, money and energy,” says Steve Merritt, managing director of EPP, the exclusive distributor of MIWE products in the UK and Ireland.“Because it does not require such significant changes in temperature, the MIWE smartfresh system allows bakers toreduce their carbon footprint, limit energy pull and save considerable costs over the traditional energy-intensive method of freezing par-baked goods. It’s especially well-suited to bakers with a wide variety of single par-baked goods, affording them greater flexibility to bake as needed.”

By storing more par-baked goods for longer with MIWE smartfresh, bakers are also afforded more options to choose when they bake. Bakers can reduce awkward night shifts, accommodate public holidays, and bake products quickly as demand requires. For further convenience, the MIWE smartfresh interior fittings are made of easy-to-clean and hygienic stainless steel. The system also features a specific blue light (outside the UV-C range) which greatly inhibits and significantly delays any mould growth.

MIWE smartfresh is available now. For further enquiries, please contact the EPP team at

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