MIWE ovens deliver five-star excellence at London’s culinary heart in W1

Top pâtisserie chefs are insisting on EPP-supplied MIWE ovens for their kitchens in London’s thriving five-star hotels and restaurants. A host of prime locations in the W1 area have opted for MIWE ovens to enable their culinary maestros to create the highest quality pastries, desserts, breads and other baked delights.

As the exclusive distributor of MIWE in the UK and Ireland, European Process Plant Ltd (EPP) has recently installed several of its ovens – including the MIWE backcombi – to bring baking brilliance to prestigious locations in the W1 area. “It’s a real testament to MIWE that such top-class restaurants and hotels with exacting standards trust its ovens,” says Jole Reddin, technical sales support executive, EPP. “Reliability, consistency and repeatability is a common requirement for our customers across all sectors, and this is especially the case for top pastry chefs. MIWE ovens excel in this aspect. People who know MIWE tend to stick with them. Some of our customers still have them working perfectly after more than 20 years of continuous heavy use. If you look after your MIWE oven, it will look after you.”

MIWE ovens have also been installed in several prominent test bakeries and research facilities across the UK, such as University of Reading, Reading Scientific, Zeelandia UK and Kudos Blends. “Choosing the right oven starts with knowing the products you want to bake, the product characteristic you want to achieve and the quantity you want to produce,” adds Jole. “The main differentiating feature between ovens is the way that they transfer heat to the products. It is important to know the differences and the impact this has on the finished product. MIWE offers a wide range of convection and deck oven options available to deliver enhanced flavour characteristics to the product.”

MIWE backcombi consists of a convection oven and a deck oven combined in one system, ensuring maximum flexibility and exceptional baking variety, all within a small footprint.

Find out more about MIWE with EPP, or visit the MIWE website for further information.

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