EPP makes a mark with Beor bread scoring technology

European Process Plant (EPP) is pleased to announce it has partnered with bakery automation leader Beor to offer scoring products to bakeries in the UK and Ireland. Using high pressure water jets, Beor’s dough scoring solutions provide a host of time and cost saving advantages over conventional blade-scoring methods.

Beor’s water jet technology scores dough with pressurised water. Bread scoring, without the expense or downtime associated with changing blades and with a minimal amount of maintenance. The systems are designed for flexibility and ease of use. The cut can be adjusted by style (straight, inclined, crosswise), as well as length, width, depth, height and jet inclination. The technology enables dough pieces as small as 20g to be scored.

“We’re pleased to be the exclusive distributor of Beor in the UK and Ireland,” Steve Merritt, Managing Director of EPP. “Beor’s technology complements our existing range of automated solutions and is another fantastic option for bakeries to consider when looking to upgrade existing lines or install new ones. The absence of blades is a great time-saver in terms of the maintenance required as well as costs of cleaning and replacing blades.”

Beor scoring equipment has been proven to work with both standard wheat doughs and gluten free products with hydration levels from 50% to 95%. The Barcelona-based company offers a range of scoring solutions – all available from EPP, each optimised for specific applications.

“Beor prides itself on innovation and reliability, but also ease of use, which is of great importance for today’s bakeries,” says Alberto Bozzola at Beor. “We look forward to working with the team at EPP to show the benefits of our technology to bakery customers in the territory.”

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