Roll Plants and Sheeting Systems: Koenig – Customer Demonstration Centre

Together we will achieve optimal results with your recipes and raw materials. 

Koenig test facility

The Customer Demonstration Centre is home to an extensive collection of Koenig production equipment – all available to use for trials.  With supporting mixing and baking areas, it is possible to go through the full production cycle for your product and understand how it will perform using Koenig technology. 

In addition to a range of roll plants featuring dough stamping and other finishing options, the facility is also home to dough sheeting lines as well as large and small low-stress dividers. 

During your visit you will be supported by a team of Master Bakers who will guide you through the development process and help to optimise your product. The same team will then be available to support you at your site after the installation of your new line, helping and supporting during the commissioning stage. 

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